You are agreeing to SELL your device to Wicom Mobile.

In order to sell a device or set up an account with Wicom mobile, we require that you read and accept the following terms and conditions.  These Terms are a binding agreement between the customer and Wicom Mobile.

  1. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. You must legally own the device that you are selling
  3. You must provide accurate and complete information about yourself.
  4. You must provide accurate and complete information about the device you are selling.
  5. You must comply with all laws.
  6. You must use a valid email address in order to have your payment processed.
    1. When using Paypal you must provide the email address associated with your Paypal account.

Wicom Mobile reserves the right to determine which devices that it purchases.  The ones currently displayed on the Wicom Mobile website is subject to change.  Any quotes given are good for up to 20 days and then the offer can be rescinded.  Once payment is generated, all sales are final.  Wicom Mobile also reserves the right to cancel any cell before delivery of the device.

In the event that the condition of the device does not meet our standards, Wicom Mobile will contact you via email with a new quote on the device via email.  You will have five (5) days to reject the new quote that we send you.  If after five days you have not responded with a rejection of the new quote, the transaction will be finalized and payment will be sent.  Wicom Mobile is not responsible for any miscommunication resulted from incomplete/inaccurate information and email filter issues (such as a spam filter). We use the following categories as the rated conditions of a device.

  • Mint Condition – Like New Condition.  Has no physical flaws (scratches/chips) and is in 100% working order.
  • Good Condition – Has some light signs of use such as light scratching, small dings, or other light signs of cosmetic wear and tear.  Device is 100% functional.
  • Fair Condition – Noticeable cosmetic wear and tear on the device. Screens with cracked glass also fall into this category, however the LCD as well as the rest of the device are still 100% functional.
  • Broken/Bad ESN Condition – A device that is not 100% functional.

All accepted transactions are final.  Ownership of the device transfers to Wicom Mobile when the offer is accepted by the you.

Wicom Mobile reserves the right to update/modify the terms and conditions at any time.  If you do not agree to the new Terms and Conditions you may discontinue use of the Wicom Mobile website.